Schedule of Services

Parshas Shelach
Mincha Friday 7:00pm
Shachris 9:00 & 9:20am

Kiddush this Shabbos!

Rabbi’s shiur 7:00pm
Mincha 8:20pm

We are having a shortage of sponsors for the weekly Shalosh Seudos. Please consider sponsoring in whole or in partnership with others; it is a big mitzvah. For details, contact Rabbi Katz.

Week of 6/26/22

Shachris during the week –
Sunday 8:00am
Monday  6:45am
Tuesday & Friday 6:55am
Wednesday & Thursday (Rosh Chodesh) 6:35am

Mincha this week 8:30pm

We can now accept donations and payments via Zelle®!

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Rabbi Katz’s class for women every Wednesday at 9:30 am  
For further information or changes please visit

ArtScroll siddurim are available for sponsorships of any occasion for only $65 a siddur.
Please contact Mrs. Katz at 410-358-4044 if you would like to dedicate one or more.

Congregation Beth Abraham, affectionately known as “Hertzberg’s” after its founding Rabbi, is a small congregation with an exceptionally erudite Rabbi who lectures regularly around the country and abroad. We are widely known as a friendly and welcoming shul. Besides our heimishe services, we have a kiddush on Shabbos Mevorchim. Sponsors are welcome!